CPF INC. @ Tate Britain

Screened as part of the 'Dystopian Narratives' Late at Tate Britain, CPF Inc. was a commissioned piece aimed at highlighting the subjectivity and bias of the predictive algorithms impacting most of our digital experience. It imagines a corporation that relies entirely on these algorithms to provide an (albeit useless) fortune telling service. 

Drawing inspiration from the pagan fortune telling method of scrying (gazing into a reflective space and making predictions based on abstract shapes in the reflections), the reflective space came in the form of an animated watery landscape. With distorted symbols and shapes presenting themselves over time, each viewer projected their own ideas of what they saw onto the shapes, manifesting an individual subjective experience for everyone - and reinforcing the idea that predictive algorithms become subjective at the point of contact with a person. 

Clip below. 

Sound Design: Alan Flindt 

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